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Why NA Brews?

How it started?

The story is usually the same on how it always starts...


An avid beer drinker wanting a change. They decide to stop drinking alcohol and then the individual goes to the liquor store searching for other options. They leave upset with the options at the local store, or lack of options we should say.


This is a common HUGE problem that is saturating our markets and communities filtering down to all avid beer drinkers wanting to stay healthy, but not yet ready to give up their Sunday football and beer traditions! As a chef and enthusiastic homebrewer, I wanted flavor, and I wanted quality!


These things were hard to find with my "fathers" alcohol-free beers (we all know which one I'm talking about!) so I did my research for hours and days on end, spending time finding these beautiful NA brews. I discovered rich flavors that satisfied my thirst for the top-notch beers that I remembered, and I then formulated my desire to share this with the world!


I joined the NA community and positioned myself to move the movement forward with the overall mission of normalizing sobriety and partnering with local breweries to provide every person with these delicious and healthy NA beers! At NA Brews, we have done the research. We have established ourselves in this NA world to produce quality variety packs and ship them right to your door.

Cheers and Prost

Ezra Bleau

Chief Beer Officer 

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